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Hi-Shine Battery Charger Constant Voltage

Hi-Shine Battery Charger Constant Voltage
Hi-Shine Battery Charger Constant Voltage
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Product Code : 67
Product Description

Hi-Shine Battery Charger Constant Voltage - Constant Current Exclusively introduced & designed with latest digital signal controller sophisticated technology with solid state current SMPS 5 stations, 12 volts , 3x5 (total capacity 15 Ampere) based on switched mode design with four stage/step charging mechanism namely pulse mode, constant current mode , constant voltage mode and constant voltage standby mode charging suitable to GEL , VRLA , SMF , Lead acid batteries , etc. as per IS & DGS&D Specifications.

Each station of charger should be fitted with suitable digital display devices and LED lamps indicator to display charging current , charging voltage & to indicate charging mode etc. Once battery is fully charged corresponding station should have indicator to indicate the status. Colour of emitted light by LED lamps fitted with each station may be used to indicate charging mode and digital display device to indicate numerical value of voltage and current as and when needed.

Charger should have an extra manual current controlled facility for

Detailed Specifications

1 Page 3 of 5 rapid / boost charging to meet the emergency situation. Once boost charging is activated normal charging should go to dorment status until rapid charging is complete.

a) Operating Temp. Range    :  10 deg. C to +55 deg. C

b) Storage Temp. Range       :   40 deg. C to +60 deg. C

c) Relatively humidity           :   95% Max at + 40 deg. C non-condensing


Technical Attribute :

1) Input Voltage range               : 230 Volts +/- 20%

2) Protections                            : a) Reverse polarity protection

                                                   : b) Short circuit protection

                                                   : c) Over voltage protection (on both inputs & output side)

                                                   : d) Over current protection

                                                   : e) AC surge protection

                                                   : f) Soft start and soft stop feature without inrush current

3) DC Current capacity             :  15 Amps (3x5)

4) Type of Power Supply           :  SMPS

5) Weight                                   : Less than 5 kg

6) Output Voltage                      :  Intelligently controlled O/P Depending upon the condition

                                                      of battery connected to charger

7) Operation                              :  Continuous duty

8) Efficiency                              :  More than 80% for SMPS

9) Alarm                                    :  For abnormal condition such as high voltage / current etc

                                                     encountered during charging as second backup protection

                                                     through human intervention.


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